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Escort matamoros are Mexican migrants who drove across the border to Matamoros from the United States, bearing gifts for their families for the Christmas holidays. Others are local residents who know the dangers they face driving across Tamaulipas, the state with the highest of missing people in Mexico -- 5, out of 26, nationally -- and regular drug cartel battles.

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Many are Mexican migrants who drove across the border to Matamoros from the United States, bearing gifts for their families for escort matamoros Matamros holidays. Others are local residents escort matamoros know the dangers they face driving across Tamaulipas, the state with the highest of missing people in Mexico -- 5, out of 26, nationally -- and regular drug cartel battles. With that in mind, the federal police launched "Operation Tread" in to escort civilian cars across Routea ghostly highway with closed or deserted restaurants and businesses along esscort way.

Things here are so bad, it is known as "death highway. They take cars and money. You can't travel calmly. We need this operation," he said as he headed to Puebla in central Mexico in a sport utility vehicle with his daughter and escort matamoros friends. Tamaulipas is home to escort matamoros Gulf and Zetas drug cartels, two criminal groups that were once allies but have fought brutal turf wars in recent years. While they have both been weakened by the captures or killings of top busty escorts manteca, their members still sow fear in the population.


A man who lives in Texas said he was stopped at gunpoint three times in past trips across Tamaulipas. They made me get out and they said they wanted my Escort matamoros. I was with my family. I told them, 'I don't have anything against you.

I'd rather pay an extortion fee,'" he said. Story continues He didn't know whether they were cartel henchmen magamoros common criminals. On this trip, his car midget escort new vacaville loaded with toys, bags and boxes with US goods. He pulled over behind the lead police cruiser, but he was nervous despite the escort.

The officers were armed with assault rifles as they began to speed down the highway, with little space between the cars following behind escort matamoros. The caravan reaches cruising speeds of kilometers per hour, going faster in some stretches. For those who dare to drive without the escort matamoros escort, the authorities set up a "safe point" at a gasoline station guarded by police and soldiers so that people can fill their tanks and stretch their legs.

The police caravan sped up as it approached San Fernando, the most dreaded part of the trip.

It was there that suspected Zetas members slaughtered 72 Central and South American migrants in August There are escort matamoros there. They take your car and rob you," said Rafael Portales, 37, vanessa cage escort buys cars in the United States to sell them in Mexico. Near Ciudad Victoria, the driver of the lead police car waved his hand outside his window to al the end of "Operation Tread.

Carlota Hernandez, 42, said her husband Livorio and son Jorge disappeared escort matamoros with a neighbor in August after they went to buy a car part at a junkyard. They went to the junkyard and never came back," she told AFP. Days after their disappearance, the father and son's belongings were found in a house used by criminals to hold kidnapping escort matamoros.

I spoke with them so they escorts vip gatineau tell me where they are, but they said they knew nothing," Hernandez recalled.

Police Escorts Now Available in Matamoros for Drivers

She never got a call asking for a ransom. Hernandez thinks they might have been taken away to be forced into ing the gang, but she really korean escorts in jacksonville the worst. Her story is only one of many. Guillermo Gutierrez Riestra, founder of the group Families and Friends of the Disappeared in Tamaulipas, said the real escort matamoros missing is 11, twice the official figure.

His daughter was 19 when she was kidnapped in A Zetas chief was arrested and they found 50 driving s on him, which indicates that most were kidnapped on the highway," Gutierrez said. But privately, per the Times, those same officials reportedly say they still aren't sure exactly what was or was not taken. There are concerns that the SVR — which the U. For example, it's reportedly possible the hackers accessed Black Start, the detailed technical blueprints for how the U.

If that was indeed the case, Russia would escort dallas tx have a list of systems it could target to keep power from turning back on. The Times report sheds more light on the cyberattack, which may not be fully understood for months or even years. Some of the revelations include the fact that the hack appears to have been much broader in scope than originally thought and that the hackers "managed their intrusion from servers inside" the U.

More stories from theweek. The Telegraph found that a similar problem affected British citizens escort matamoros to fly from Manchester to Pisa with Ryanair.

The problem stems from a requirement to demonstrate residency of the EU country concerned due to a ban on non-essential travel from the UK as a Covid safety measure. Caitlin Procter said she had been barred from flying to Pisa escort matamoros Ryanair escort matamoros, who told her she must have either an Italian passport or a photo-ID residency card, when she tried to board her flight from Escoet Airport on Saturday. Maramoros Dr Procter said Italian government guidelines on who could travel escort big tits "crystal clear" and include people who work in Italy and possess an older type of residency document that does not have a photo.

She also had a copy of her work contract as a matamoos at the European University Institute in Florence but was not allowed to board the plane, a fate she said also befell up to 30 others due to catch the same flight.


Ryanair did not immediately escort matamoros to a request for comment. On the same day, the British Embassy in Spain put out a statement after a similar problem at Niagara region personals, where BA staff did not allow a of UK residents in Spain to board their flight home and made the same argument about photo-ID residency cards.

Spain introduced the TIE photo-ID card for British residents last summer, but has consistently stressed that the precursor green paper documents remain valid proof of residency and acquired rights. The embassy put out a social media statement responding to the reported bar on residents returning to Spain with their green paper documents, which said: "This should not be happening.

They followed reports to the police and prosecutors about the invasions of the ancient ruins of Caral. It is not the first time Shady has been threatened or attacked. Inshe was shot in the chest during an assault on the hectare 1,acre archaeological complex which was declared a Unesco world heritage site in After nine invasions of the sacred city during the pandemic period, Shady and her team repeatedly asked the authorities to intervene.

The owner of the land is the Peruvian state. But it was not until that she discovered the ancient city and began to properly excavate the site, which is situated on a dry desert terrace overlooking the Supe river valley nearly km miles north of Lima. Organic material found at the site has been carbon-dated back to BCEShady and her team continue to investigate and excavate a dozen former settlements, half of the 24 situated in the Supe valley which form part of the Caral-Supe civilization.

Their findings have revealed musical instruments such as flutes made of animal and bird bones and evidence of the cultivation of multi-coloured cotton used in textiles. escort matamoros

We have not found even a single walled settlement.