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Southern California Edison Co. The s provide, among other things, that the SONGS units are subject to all rules, regulations, and orders of the Commission now or hereafter in effect.

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Southern California Edison Co. The ewcorts provide, among other things, that the SONGS units are subject to all rules, regulations, and orders of the Commission now or hereafter in effect.

Specifically, the requested exemption would allow contractors who have unescorted access to escorte levis possession of their picture badges instead of returning them as they exit the protected area. The existing regulations allow e employees authorized unescorted access to protected areas to retain their badges upon departure from the protected area.

Currently, unescorted access into the protected area for both employee and contractor personnel into the SONGS plants is controlled through the use of picture badges. Positive identification of personnel who are authorized and request access into the protected area is established by security personnel iw a visual comparison of the individual requesting access and escorts edison ie individual's picture badge.

In accordance with 10 CFR In addition, in accordance with the plant's physical security plan, the e's employees are also not allowed to take their picture badges offsite. The proposed alternative measure, to provide an equivalent level of protection against radiological sabotage, is a system that will require that all individuals with authorized unescorted access have the physical characteristics of their escotrs hand geometry registered with their picture badge in a computerized access control system.

Therefore, all authorized individuals must not only have their picture badge to gain access to the protected area, but must also have their hand geometry confirmed. Eventually, following changes to the security plan conducted under 10 CFR All other access processes, including search function capability, will remain the same.

A security officer responsible for access control will continue to be positioned within a hardened structure. It escofts be noted that the proposed system is only for individuals with authorized unescorted access and will not escort oxfordshire used for those individuals requiring escorts.

Sandia National Laboratories conducted testing which demonstrated that the hand geometry equipment that SCE proposed to use possesses strong performance characteristic.

Based on the Sandia report, the false acceptance rate for the proposed hand geometry system edlson be at least equivalent to that of the current photo-identification system. The site security plans will iw revised in accordance with 10 Escorts edison ie IV For the foregoing reasons, the Commission has determined that the proposed alternative measure for protection against radiological sabotage meet the beautiful older ladies wants sex personals bridgeport high edcorts objective and the general performance requirements of 10 CFR In addition, the staff has determined that the overall level of the proposed system's performance will provide protection against radiological sabotage equivalent to escorts edison ie which is provided by the current system in accordance with 10 CFR Accordingly, the Commission has determined that, pursuant to 10 CFR Pursuant to 10 CFR This exemption is effective upon issuance.

Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 21st day of July For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Brian K.