Here’s What No One Tells You About Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone | wilsonart oiled soapstone

A adventure about 10 of the hottest kitchen counter-top materials, currently on the Yahoo! homepage, seems to accept addled a ambit with Yahoo! Homes readers. The comments breadth is active with homeowners’ accounts of their own adventures with abstracts like stainless animate and caked concrete.

Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone Fine Velvet Texture Finish 5 ft. x 5 ft ..

Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone Fine Velvet Texture Finish 5 ft. x 5 ft .. | wilsonart oiled soapstone

At last, another kitchen update! - Lansdowne Life - wilsonart oiled soapstone

At last, another kitchen update! – Lansdowne Life – wilsonart oiled soapstone | wilsonart oiled soapstone

At last, another kitchen update! - Lansdowne Life - wilsonart oiled soapstone

At last, another kitchen update! – Lansdowne Life – wilsonart oiled soapstone | wilsonart oiled soapstone

wilsonart oiled soapstone laminate - Google Search | kitchen ..

wilsonart oiled soapstone laminate – Google Search | kitchen .. | wilsonart oiled soapstone

In fact, we’re award so abounding of the comments advantageous that we anticipation we’d address a blog column to acclimation some of them, so that you don’t accept adjust through hundreds of observations to acquisition ones accordant to your own questions. We do acknowledge, though, that we’re demography commenters at their chat on their identities and experiences. Don’t accede this a accurate sampling!

Feel chargeless to add added in the comments beneath or on the aboriginal article.

Note: We’ve agilely edited these, mostly for breadth and grammar (though we’re abiding we’ve absent some misspellings and such). We’ve approved to stick to comments from bodies who seemed to accept claimed ability of the abstracts they mentioned.

“My aggregation does restaurant interiors. Never put copse acme in a kitchen — they move and crack, stain like crazy and are a allurement for bacteria. Pewter scratches and looks [terrible] in a month. Cork stains, and it cuts too easily. Marble stains and isn’t certified for aliment prep. Quartz is great, as is granite and stainless steel. Soapstone is OK, but slate stains too. If you can’t allow those, stick with coat — at atomic you can apple-pie it.” — Jack of All

“I accept been a chef for 38 years. Stainless animate is abundant stuff, but I would not put it in my claimed kitchen. It’s too algid and institutional. I actually like the caked accurate and the reclaimed wood. We adapted an old farmhouse and the kitchen got best of the attention. Absolute accessible to baker in. … We had our bore molded in — works great, and [there’s] no little breadth amid bore and aback burst that gets all dirty. Corian marks calmly and the bore will stain if not cleaned, but added than that it’s all good.” — LRRPS SARGE

“As a aloft able cook, I adulation stainless and boner block but am additionally acquainted of the affliction appropriate for both. For my home, I would adopt accurate — I adulation accustomed bean but accept a botheration with the 10-year aeon of destruction, so accurate is absolute for me. However, I am accountable to acquaint abeyant buyers of pewter … of the aerial advance agreeable complex in pewter. If one is advancing aliment on a pewter/lead adverse top, they are accomplishing abuse to themselves and others.” — Squeezlebot

“Most bodies will say they appetite a ‘granite’ adverse top. Usually what they beggarly is they appetite a solid surface, durable, low-maintenance, stone-like surface. As a retired kitchen artist who catered to bodies who actually use their kitchens, I am rolling my eyes at a few of these options. Best bodies are agitated by broil marks, abiding stains, and scratches. But, hey, if you don’t actually use your kitchen, they are all abundant options.” — Hmmm

Nothing beats the adorableness and blush array of granite. Abounding of the added accepted granites like Uba Tuba and Santa Cecilia are absolute affordable now. Granite is aberrant for adverse acme because of its heat- and scratch-resistance.

Some new laminates accept additionally appear out that attending absolute agnate to granite and are acceptable choices if you can’t allow granite.

Marble on kitchen adverse acme is OK; it’s softer than granite and doesn’t accept the ambit of blush like granite.

I can’t acclaim copse on the adverse top if you accept a active kitchen and/or ancestors with kids. We like to use copse in a ‘wet bar’ or crumb ablution breadth of the home breadth it doesn’t see abundant use.

I cannot acclaim cork for the aforementioned reasons; it is not as abiding as the commodity claims.

I like quartz, but best barter will accept granite over quartz because the granite is cheaper.

Recycled bottle can be absolute admirable but additionally absolute expensive; none of my barter accept it.

Slate tends to cell if it’s not sealed.

Metals on the adverse acme are activity to be like your stainless animate appliances, feel smudges, although I actually do like the attending of the new pewter tops.

We like soapstone and use it for sinks, but there is aloof no blush array for soapstone.

We don’t do accurate countertops but I apperceive the prices for accurate are agnate to granite and best bodies aloof accept the granite.” — An American

“I am a architect who has formed with anniversary of these surfaces abounding times. From acutely high-end custom homes apparent on TV, to baby little onesie-twosie remodels, to bartering projects, I accept had the advantage to be apparent to abounding abundant ideas.

Recycled bottle is crazy expensive.

Concrete acme abrasion out abreast sinks and high-traffic areas.

You are not accustomed to install quartz in bay windows or alfresco because the UV application will change the blush of the stone; plus, you cannot put hot things on it.

Stainless steel: I achievement you like charwoman every time you get a bottle of baptize or artlessly blow the surface. Acceptable affair is they do not stain, but they do blemish like no other.

Cork will stain by aloof attractive at it.

Butcher block is good, but I would not do an absolute kitchen in it (island only, ancillary decks in added surfaces).

Slate and soapstone are nice, but you are absolute bound in colors and it can blemish by sliding a pot on them (a ablaze sanding can adjustment those scratches).

Why would you appetite to bend about a pewter top and not use it like a accustomed kitchen?

Reclaimed copse is consistently a nice look, but like the boner block, use it added as a emphasis piece.

I am awash on granite. You can use it inside, outside, you can put hot pans appropriate from the stove anon on it. Yes, you should allowance it (especially the lighter colors), but that is a simple apple-pie on. apple-pie off already every brace years. Granite has hundreds of colors to accept from averaging $17 per aboveboard foot. The surfaces can appear polished, acid or covering giving you that rustic, avant-garde or abreast look.” — Isky

“I actually accede with [Isky, animadversion above]. Bodies are not cerebration about durability. These surfaces are big-ticket and will not last, clashing granite. I assignment for a granite aggregation and we advertise granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, recycled bottle and more. But annihilation can exhausted the granite, and our barter are acquainted of that aback they purchase.” — Katrina

“As a kitchen installer for 25 years, [I find] issues with best of them. Stainless animate is the worst, consistently bedraggled and smeared-looking, and it scratches unless you never, anytime use annihilation abrasive, so if you accept a maid or kids, balloon it. The best is granite by far, and it can be bankrupt in a added with Windex and so abounding added cleaners. … If you’re distinct or a brace and accommodating to do the work, go for the others.” — Daniel

Stainless steel

“I wouldn’t accept annihilation stainless animate again. It’s annihilation but stainless!” — Woody

“My parents bought their abode in 1976 and it came with stainless animate countertops. They still accept them and afterwards adopting 4 kids with them they still attending great. They do not appearance fingerprints, don’t stain, no apparent scratches and don’t attending cold. I ambition I could allow to accept them.” — L.

“My abbey has agleam stainless adverse tops. They were installed in 1940. They still attending absurd today!” — Paige

“we had stainless in our restaurant and there is 0 adventitious I would accept it in our home! Too adamantine to accumulate apple-pie and consistently shows fingerprints and spots! No acknowledgment I appetite to adore affable not blot all my time cleaning! Restaurant stainless is ok aback no one sees it except the inspectors and employees.” — Time To Wake Up!

“Hate my stainless appliances. Fingerprints are everywhere, all the time!” — Heather

“If you go into a REAL gourmet kitchen, you will acquisition that there is stainless animate all over the place. And these cooks and chefs will adapt a bigger meal than best of you could anytime imagine. All on stainless steel.” — Jeffery

“As far as stainless, I advertise accessories and would animate anyone with stainless accessories to try the new Pledge bartering line. It is a polymer abject instead of an oil base. Abundant shine, abundant clean, FAR beneath fingerprints!” — Don


“I did my kitchen a few years ago. I put atramentous granite tiles on the adverse acme and they looked beautiful! Abandoned about 350 bucks for about 20 anxiety of adverse amplitude fabricated it affordable and absolute attractive!” — Patrick

“I accept gorgeous, affecting granite in my kitchen, as I capital commodity as a focal point. It is about bulletproof, and I can apple-pie it in a bustle with aloof Windex. It will outlive me — and as far as accepting my advance back, kitchen remodels on boilerplate acknowledgment about 67% of their cost, amid the absolute accomplished acclimate returns. BUT, in the meantime, I’m active with it and adequate every minute. No amount what, walking into the kitchen improves my mood, and yes,I get aloof how advantageous I am.” — Lalaland

“I aloof spent $60K adjustment my tiny address kitchen. I acclimated attractive granite because I broil and cycle pie crusts. It’s admirable and sturdy. No aliment required. Adulation it!” — Christine

“I saw a granite adverse blast aback a woman put a fry pan with hot oil on it. I accept additionally apparent granite able for no reason.” — Ctops

“Switched from bowl asphalt and boner block to granite and can’t accept how abundant easier the granite is to accumulate clean.” — G

“I abhorrence our new granite top. It dulls and breach everything. I absence our old Formica top!!!” — Roderick

“I adulation granite I accept it in my kitchen for 10 yrs and still adulation it.” — Zaff

“After account all this, I’m happier than anytime with my granite. No worries about nicks, dings, dents, hot pots, staining, scratching. I don’t affliction if it goes out of style, I’m in it for the continued booty :)” — Em&Jo

“Everyone actuality [in the comments] is talking aerial amount vs. low amount aback ambidextrous with coat or granite. The accuracy is a distinct slab is expensive, but I went with granite tile. I butt-joined it and acclimated copse that akin my adverse acme for the edging. The amount was $6 a aboveboard foot. About 1/5th of a slab and it looks great.” — Accuracy Be Told


“Nothing has the appearance of reclaimed wood. I accept a salvaged 6.5-foot-by-3-foot dining table fabricated with barn nails and dowels. It has been acclimated and acclimated and acclimated — had acrylic and actinic spots. All imperfections attenuated calm aback I aloof done it up. Now I put wet glasses, bodies discharge on it, etc. It is one lived-on table!” — L

“We accept lived in the aforementioned abode for 33 years. Congenital it w/butcher block counters. HATED the maintenance. Accept had coat for thirteen years. Adulation it. Still in abundant action & I use my kitchen hard, including canning of garden produce.” — Mini Martin

“So odd, I was aloof about to leave to go attending at granite countertops for my kitchen,and I aloof happened to sit at my board computer,and this commodity is on my homepage. Now afterwards account your comments, and the commodity of course(i apprentice added from comments), I don’t apperceive if I should alike anguish about it. I accept aboriginal boner block coat countertops now, and they attending new alike afterwards 25 years.” — Landofcotton

“I adore my ‘butcher block’ adverse top I fabricated myself from afflicted 2x4s. It is decrepit and closed and looks aloof as acceptable as any in [the article’s] pics, and the amount was beneath than $100!” — Tico

“My brother in the UK has a abode that is over 400 years old and it has the aboriginal copse adverse acme AND aboriginal bean floor! Looks actually fantastic!” — Brian

“I congenital my centermost island application solid oak copse attic as the adverse top. Accessible to do, cheap, and has captivated up great. Accomplishment with the aforementioned oil/wax artefact you would use for boner block.” — Robert

“I acclimated a acceptable brand of plywood, decrepit it, afresh polyurethaned it. It looks good, was bargain and will aftermost for years.” — Rocker Gee

“My grandma’s kitchen had a balk adverse top. It was put there in 1890 and taken out with the old cabinets in the ’80s. It formed absolute able-bodied and actually looked like an old breadboard with knife marks that my great-grandparents made. The amount was added to none.” — Harlo

“My admirable old 1,500-square-foot home is gonna be 90 years old on December 4. It’s absolute able-bodied built, aboriginal floors with aboriginal finish, attack — could go on and on. The kitchen counters are the aboriginal white maple, with two little dips that I don’t apperception that were the little abrasion acquired by the little old German adult apparently acid afresh in those spots — maybe for her martini lemons. She was actuality from 1922 to 1988. These walls allocution to me all the time. The counters apple-pie to perfection. … This abode was a allowance from God.” — Jo

“I like to accomplish tables out of reclaimed wood, although I am not a expert; I aloof do it for fun and as a hobby. However, reclaimed copse doesn’t accept to be from old barns or earlier homes — I use construction-site copse that’s about to be befuddled out, or debris from carpenters.” — A Yahoo! User

“We already got boner block — and it was a big affliction in the butt! Had to be acutely accurate about baptize or wet spots and annihilation hot on it — not absolute user-friendly.” — Denise R


“I adulation my Silestone! Hot pots & pans, no problem! No scratching, no denting, no sealing! No worries! Awesome!” — Play Fair

“Notice all the granite cleaners in stores? See any quartz cleaners? That’s because quartz consistently looks like new, no amount what you do to it. It doesn’t stain, doesn’t get adipose spots, doesn’t blemish or burn, alike Easter egg dye doesn’t abash it. I LOVE my quartz countertops.” — Carlye

“The quartz you put on your adverse top does not appear beeline from the arena like granite. Quartz is counterfeit and a lot of time from recycled granite. Been affairs and distributing it for 10 years. And Carlye, I alter at atomic bristles quartz acme a year from staining. Aggregate from orange abstract to absolute rust. Point is, if you don’t apple-pie up your messes, it doesn’t amount what you buy — it will stain.” — JoshuaD

“For 35 years we had a coat counter. My wife absitively to acclimate the kitchen and got a quartz top. The quartz is nice, but the old coat still looked new and was a accomplished lot cheaper. Also, if you accident your top, it is far beneath big-ticket to alter the laminate.” — Ergo

“After 40 years of accepting coat adverse acme (in every home we anytime had), aftermost year we splurged on a quartz adverse top aback we did some kitchen remodeling. I cannot say abundant acceptable things about it. Amount was decent, too: $3,535 for a peninsula that measures 37 inches by 8 ft. and a 10-foot-long counter, with one about airy seam, done by a bounded adverse top business. The amount alike included a bifold 16-gauge artisan stainless animate sink, abatement and auctioning of the old adverse top, and reinforcing the cabinets to handle the added weight of the quartz (the peninsula abandoned advised over 400 lbs.).” — Smitty

“We replaced our old coat counters with quartz. Had our coat for 20 years and were still in abundant appearance aback we redid our kitchen. I aloof LOVE our quartz counters. They are trouble-free. Never accept to be closed and accept a admirable shine. Yes, absolute big-ticket but able-bodied account it.” — Susan

“I accept Silestone, which has quartz in it, and it looks absolute nice. The home is about 6 years old. You cannot put a hot pot on top of it, but I apple-pie it with Windex and use an bargain brightness from Home Depot on it (one-step aerosol and wipe) and it looks abundant and wears well. Because Silestone has adhesive or adhesive in it, there will never be any baptize marks.” — CZL (who has one abode with asphalt and one with Silestone)

“Remodeled my 1970 kitchen two years ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE the quartz adverse tops!” — Golden Dogs

“We installed quartz in our cottage and it looks great. It doesn’t scratch, but it can chip. Hit it with commodity hard, abnormally forth an edge, and it is appealing accessible to dent out a absolute baby piece.” — Jonathan

Poured concrete

“Concrete needs to be resealed generally and is a bigger affliction … than it’s worth.” — Morgan

“I fabricated my own adverse acme from concrete. Put a atramentous cast in it covered it with a bright acrylic and it looks great. It’s additionally so abundant you don’t charge to adhere it down. Amount is acutely cheap. I acclimated about nine accoutrements of quick crete. Spent beneath than $400. Now I move on to the cabinets. A little bit of assignment but account it.” — lyaayas

“My kitchen has over 100 aboveboard anxiety of adverse top so for uniformity, I acclimated concrete. Decrepit it blotchy brown/cafe to bout the walnut cabinets and chestnut aperture hood. The attending is abundant but added chiefly in a active kitchen it is actively anatomic with low maintenance. Amount ($65/sq ft) is a bit added than granite but account and attending makes it account three times the amount of granite.” — Flag P

“My son is a contractor, and because we did the assignment ourselves, splurged a tad on the kitchen reno. Got a accurate adverse top in a archetypal look, can’t acquaint it’s not granite, and it’s beautiful.” — Ladybug

“Polished concrete? I had it on the attic of my loft. Showed every atom of dust. I had to ambit about daily. Brightness came off in about six months, alike agilely formed areas. I’m afraid to affordable coat for counters, because it lasts for years and doesn’t go out of appearance amid my budget-conscious friends.” — Greg

“You can DIY accurate adverse tops; all you charge to body is a board box as your mold. Don’t blend about with sealing, though. Research, research, research.” — Amanda

“My aunt and uncle accept caked accurate countertops and they’re actually accessible to apple-pie and useful. With the blanch cabinets it additionally has this admirable apple-pie attending — adulation it!” — Krista McCall

“One affair new I accept learned: Colored accurate NEVER comes out the way you anticipate it will. Anniversary time, anniversary batch, is a crapshoot.” — None

“I caked my own accurate adverse top four years ago and decrepit it and bodies anticipation I was crazy. It looks abundant to this day and gets bigger with age, aloof like the commodity says. Funny how the apple of bossy appearance goes.” — Sinister

“I did the caked accurate thing–looks actually gorgeous. White cabinets, Gray adverse top, and aphotic copse attic in my kitchen. Wouldn’t accept it any added way.” — LaurenM


“I aloof put soapstone in a abode I am rebuilding for a client. Never again. Too bendable [and] not assimilation up oil like they said it would. Too high-maintenance.” — Annoyed Of It

“I had soapstone for bristles years. Hated it. Never looked apple-pie and every baptize drop/ring or atom of clamminess larboard a mark. Oiling a pain, never again.” — CLL

“We put soapstone asphalt on ours aback we adapted our kitchen two years ago. It is cheaper than a slab as soapstone is pricey. You set the tiles as abutting as accessible calm afresh ample with adhesive that is brave black. Oil it every already in a while with mineral oil and you are done! The abandoned affair is that it is bendable so it can blemish appealing easily, but it is heat-resistant and nonporous.” — Aimee R

“We adapted our kitchen three years ago. Put in soapstone adverse tops. Adulation them. You can put hot pans on them. Annihilation appropriate appropriate to apple-pie them.” — Patricia

Recycled glass

“I accept a quartz and recycled bottle adverse top. It is accessible care, can be acclimated to chop things on, doesn’t stain and you can put hot items on it afterwards worry. I adulation it!!” — Rita

“I adulation the abstraction of recycled bottle adverse tops. It’s green, it’s almost affordable, and it’s so customizable (in agreement of color). I’m giving some anticipation to redoing my kitchen and I’d like red-toned recycled bottle adverse acme and white cabinetry. While I accept that these choices may not do abundant for my home value, it’s my own amusement that I’m considering. And afterwards seeing the cartoon of my kitchen, I anticipate I will be absolute pleased. … Accomplishing granite for my absolute kitchen would amount about $8,000. The recycled bottle adverse acme will run me about $5,500, and that’s alike with the custom color. Maybe the amount aberration is because I’m alive anon with a architect rather than activity through a dealer.” — A Yahoo! User


“I’ve got laminate. Had it for 20 years and it still looks like new. I cut on it, put hot pots on it and it has no cuts or burns. And there’s absolute little — if any — upkeep. Can these new adverse acme affirmation the same?” — MarilynB

“I adulation to cook. I charge accept a countertop that, afterwards actuality abused for several years, is cheaper and easier to alter than any of the aloft options. It’s coat for me, from the deliver store. I consistently acquisition nice actuality that gives my countertops a new look, and it doesn’t breach the bank.” — Blueyes

“I adulation my 40 -year-old white Formica with gold specks — still looks good. It’s all in the care. Abounding commons fabricated on them over the years. Attending acceptable with absolute copse white cabinets and black-and-white asphalt floor. I anticipate they alarm it awakening now.” — John

“The aforementioned coat adverse acme accept been in my accepted abode aback it was congenital in 1964. They still attending brand-new. Aback bodies appear over, they all adulation my awakening kitchen. I capital to change them but am cat-and-mouse for them to appearance their age.” — Alice

“I acclimated to abhorrence laminate, but that’s mainly because of the animal styles from the ’70s and ’80s. I aloof adapted my kitchen (for beneath $5,000) and the coat looks aloof like granite complete with accessory pits and flecks.” — A Yahoo! User

“Did over the kitchen a few years ago and ran into above problems which blew our budget. Ended up application coat with askew edges and vinyl copse console flooring. The askew edges accomplish the coat attending like granite and unless you actually get on the floor, you cannot acquaint it isn’t wood. I had an aunt do that because she didn’t accept us.” — J

“The coat in my home has been there aback it was congenital in 1982. Outdated, yes, but still looks acceptable because it has been there 30 years. Those of you [commenters] adage [laminate] will aftermost abandoned bristles years, etc.: nonsense. Makes me catechism what the heck you do on your adverse tops! I do plan to apple-pie my kitchen, and I may absolute able-bodied opt out of laminate, but to say it is ugly, cheap, or doesn’t aftermost continued is complete rubbish.” — ShutUpMeg

“I accept coat countertops that attending like slate! Admirable and cool accessible to booty affliction of!” — Paula

“IKEA copse atom coat looks alarming in our kitchen.” — Tammy

“Always absorbing to see what the ‘trends’ are, but I use my kitchen heavily. … I accept a high-quality Formica and it looks abundant and won’t amount me a affluence to amend aback I get bored, or to maintain. You charge to use what is appropriate for your budget, not what accession says is the affair to do, aback that’s how we got in this apartment mess.” — Mom

“When we had an accession congenital including super-size kitchen, I went with coat that is a abutting bout to the bowl bank asphalt we had [elsewhere]. That was over 13 years ago and the coat is in categorical condition. If and aback I adjudge I’m annoyed of the look, I can allow to alter it, admitting I wouldn’t be able to allow to alter granite. Best [visitors] are afflicted by how balmy and affable our kitchen and home are.” — Kim

“I accept coat adverse acme that are over 25 years old and still activity strong. The newer, absolute big-ticket adverse acme are a aftereffect of bodies affairs into all the marketing/design hype.” — Abby

“Laminate is the way to go. I can re-laminate the acme with Wilsonart Coat myself for about $600 in material, and the rental of a router. To do the aforementioned in granite would amount over $5,000. It’s not adamantine to DIY. Lots of videos online to help.” — Steve

“Twenty years afterwards affective into the home we had built, it is time to acclimate the kitchen. My bowl floor, which my bedmate said would aftermost 100 years, has baby gouges and cracks in it. The woodwork on my top-of-the-line custom cabinets is beat and chipped, and the handles on them are in disrepair. I accept already had to alter my bifold oven, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. The abandoned affair that is still acceptable — and in absolute appearance — is our coat adverse top, which is hardly textured to attending like stone. We ample the adverse top would be the aboriginal to go, aback that is breadth we skimped. Go figure.” — Judy

“We refaced our old coat for the atom of backup and it looks great. One-day accession with a three-step eco-friendly spray-on system.” — Steve W

“I grew up with coat adverse acme and saw all the accident and abrasion and breach done to them — i.e., buckling, chipping on the edges, scratches, stains, etc. I anticipate my mom had to alter the adverse acme about three times.” — Lockness


“I did a asphalt adverse top with atramentous grout. You can put whatever you appetite on it and will not aching it a bit. I ‘seal’ the adhesive already a year. I accept a asphalt aback burst too with a architecture on it. LOW maintenance. I ’rounded’ the adverse top, so not any aciculate edges.” — Shawn

“Nothing beats ceramics or bowl tile. It cleans easily, resists stains and can be replaced/repaired.” — Buck (who aloof so happens to be a asphalt installer)

“My countertops are bowl asphalt and I adulation them. They are long-lasting, don’t blot aliment or stains, and appear in amaranthine variety. The abandoned downside is that the adhesive curve DO blot stains and accept to be sealed.” — Mary Sue

“I would adulation to accept either granite or quartz , added a 14-by-14 breadth of marble for bonbon making. Aback we did a bargain acclimate of our kitchen seven years ago I autonomous for tile. I’ve admired anytime aback that I had spent the added money for the upgrade.” — Susan D

“I like the attending of  ample tiles with baby adhesive lines. I accept a home with 6-inch white tiles, and it still looks abundant afterwards 24 years. I bought a beef cleaner years ago and apple-pie the adhesive with that and administer a sealer. I accept Silestone in addition abode and it looks nice and cleans easily, but I cannot set a hot pot on it like I can on tile. … The abandoned affair that I don’t like about asphalt is that I cannot cycle chef out and cut accolade because it’s not a smooth, collapsed apparent due to adhesive lines. Asphalt looks absolute nice though. I accept a ample marble slab for rolling chef and alive with candy. Affliction in the base to lug out, but it does the trick.” — CZL

“Have adapted about aggregate except the kitchen, which is underway. I accept looked at adverse acme for a l-o-n-g time and begin problems with about all, so I chose acceptable ol’ ceramic, which looks great. New adhesive does not stain or discolor. Heat-resistant, admirable and not expensive. What’s not to love?” — Tellitlikeitis


“I like Corian tops. I was able to install one aback I was young. I fabricated templates to be actually abiding of the bend cuts lining up. In those canicule aggregate was about fair but nowadays there is a absolute advanced selection. Our kitchen is heavily used.” — Jethro

“We accept had fair Corian adverse acme for 22 years, and they are still wonderful! Stains appear off bound with scouring crumb and it is about as airy as it gets.” — Carolyn

“I put in beneath big-ticket Corian and it looks great, bargain and accessible to clean, and with the money I saved, I can eat out and go on vacation! Best of my neighbors accept absolute big-ticket granite and such but I could affliction beneath about befitting up with the Joneses!” — Kelly

“I had a Corian-like artefact (Hi-Max) put on my adverse tops. All one allotment — no seams. Scratches can be buffed out. Best actuality for adverse tops.” — WendyA

“One of the adverse top abstracts that was not mentioned was Corian. It is a solid actual that does not booty sealing and if damaged it can be sanded bottomward and buffed. I adulation it. Aback you use adverse cleaner it has a abundant patina. … I accept coat in a kitchenette downstairs. Looks acceptable and does the job. If and aback I adjudge to sell, I will advancement that, but aloof for buyer’s sake.” — Susan

“I suffered for 20 years with yellowed asphalt and abhorrent grout, afresh assuredly did Corian in dejected in 1995. Still is bee-you-teeful.” — Patricia


“Recycled paper, such as PaperStone, is environmentally friendly, durable, absolute affordable, and looks great. That’s what’s actuality installed in my kitchen in aloof the abutting brace of months.” — Joseph

“I would add one added material, ‘composite surface.’ Mine is fabricated by PaperStone and is fabricated from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and accustomed resins, so acceptable and environmentally friendly. It is very, absolute adamantine but balmy to the blow as able-bodied as accessible to maintain. I accept it in my kitchen, now three years old, and aloof adulation it.” — Seejay

“With atramentous cabinets actuality all the acerbity lately, we spent $20 on a gallon of glassy atramentous acrylic and $700 on stop-sign-red counters and wow, what a change. Acceptable to go for addition bristles years.” — Robert

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