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Married personals in bismarck s c

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Contact About Love, should be simple and healthy I finally ib I'd try something new and post on here. I miss having a fun and honest relationship, someone to after a long day, someone I can laugh with and have intellectual conversations with and someone that I independent london escort share my life with. Posting on here probably won't bring me much luck but it really can't hurt to try. All I am looking for is someone who I can connect with on a mental and physical level. A man who knows how to appreciate a real good woman who is honest, trustworthy, loyal, loving, sensitive, caring and a big cuddler. A man who can make me feel protected, safe and always special.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Am Look For Horney Contacts
Hair: Long natural
Relation Type: Date Needed For A Wedding In Cock Suck

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We can go out and hit the race track so I can impress you with my amazing driving skills. We can even stay home and play some video games or board games while we eat food that is unhealthy. We will drive anywhere and have conversations about our childhood or maybe that stupid thing we did last night.

I hate spiders so much but damn it! I will kill one with the closest thing After I yell of course and gather the courage to attack it head on : unless you volunteer, think you can?? I enjoy having a good time with friends and family and would like someone who would be comfortable coming over for lunch and maybe even family game night.

I can't seem to get a boyfriend. Perhaps it's this independent and ambitious spirit of mine that doesn't bring the boys to the yard.

I've met guys in real life, but pickin's are slim, and I thought hey, internet, you and I are close, maybe you could help me out. Here I am.

Me: I'm 5'10", curvy, but sure as hell not fat. Blonde hair, blue eyes.

I like smiling and laughing. I'm working on an MA for some reason at the U of O.

I spend my free time doing random things with friends, playing video games, spending too much time on the internet, going for walks and adventures around town, playing tennis, jogging, etc. I like trying new things and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I'm competitive, bluntly honest and just a little bit a lot aggressive. You: Don't be an ass.

You probably can't judge that as well as I can, but I'll probably tell you if you are.