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Domino: programmable router data planes Flexplane: whole-network emulation in software for programmability Mobile and sensor computing Glimpse: a continuous object recognition system Transport protocols and mechanisms Remy TCP ex machina, computer-synthesized congestion control Mahimahi record-and-replay framework for web traffic Unfortunately, the above list might be a p2p escort out-of-date.

The NMS papers has a more current pp of papers. Some past projects Internet architecture, overlay and P2P networks P2P and overlay networks Chord : a scalable and robust distributed hash table DHT enabling key-value lookups. Our work included: Dynamic p2p escort of P2P systems : The amount of work required to maintain good connectivity depends on the "half-life" of a P2P system.

DOA Delegation-Oriented Architecturean extension to the Internet architecture that accommodates "middleboxes" in an architecturally coherent way using a new delegation primitive. Speak-upa defense against application-level DDoS attacks.

CM Congestion Manageran integrated end-to-end congestion management architecture and congestion control algorithms for the future Internet. Internet routing rcc and correct Internet routing : tools to improve routing correctness and experimental studies of Internet routing and failures.

Cricket : An accurate indoor location system. Now commercially available. SoftPHY and its applications : using cross-layer confidence information SoftPHY from the physical layer to de better higher-layer wireless network protocols. INS is an intentional naming system for scalable and p2p escort resource discovery.

escortt Twine aims to make P2p escort scalable to large networks using peer-to-peer lookups, built on top of Chord. Escort milfs : networking software that allows an application to stripe data from multiple streams across a set of dissimilar wireless network channels. Divert : a multi-radio, fine-grained path selection system for improving throughput in wireless LANs.

APware : improving performance and robustness for multi-rate wireless LANs. Fusion : Mitigating congestion in wireless sensor networks.

Bluewareprotocols for internetworking with Bluetooth. Network security.