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On Manitou Island of people are.

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On Manitou Island of people are. In the escort, That was the association. James and uh Directors uh John Solo and uh.

Do they and uh just go down this road here as we uh. Come up escorts of mexico the funeral location. There's some escott that have some. Very powerful uh messages written for the family and the. Pause at them. And go up to the uh location at the uh school. The 's uh May God and community wrap their loving arms around the whole family today and always thank you for your service mark.

Rip mark that JB with blue hearts. Thin blue Line Canadian flag made of plywood. The principal of the school told me we're setting up here he collaborated with mark. For over 20 etobicokd, John. How are you south west etobicoke escort John Escoft and uh President Jameson Jameson as we got a live stream going here. In the hours, yeah, I just uh we're courtney of bristol escort with Vice President John Today and director Dave and uh we just followed the procession.

It's uh it's a very solemn day and uh we're here on behalf of our members to pay our respects to Mark's family um our colleagues in the community.

Thanks Scott. Thanks for being here gentlemen. The vehicle that's upfront there has been uh with provincial constables badge We wait for them to bring uh.

rayville mo adult personals Constable Mark Cove's body into the uh you know location here uh we will have south west etobicoke escort more live podcast and that will be be a procession the cemetery. It's by invite only here at the location due to coveted wets. It'll be a live stream available pool feed to watch a major media outlets shared by CTV northern Thank you very much for the family they're watching at hubs soith with with coveted around the province.

There's a live stream on Vimeo. It is also to a public. And uh uh on the Ontario Provincial police Facebook the ceremony will be live broadcast from the pool feed.

There's a drive-in theater uh nearby in little about half an hour drive from here it's offering uh live stream uh service our association flag and the flag is there and. I'll south west etobicoke escort going to that location to watch and the cars from esxort will line up on the road afterwards. And we'll have a live broadcast of the final recession. Provincial council our to his resting place of the cemetery.

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It's the Opp media tent is here. Now, Getting some last minute details the positioning of the uh O provincial console Marco's badge on the side and on the roof in front of funeral location. I like. While we're waiting, we'll walk down and there's some other. O officers paying respects down here. Still awaiting south west etobicoke escort uh you know uh provincial constable our co.

There are of coveted precautions that were taken in the organization of this funeral Normally there will be police officers and members of the community for miles around here to be an overflowing venue. Uh so it's all being live streamed. It's invade only inside people are uh seating uh but it's busty escort ny very uh very classy.

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Organization by the UH and to honor this uh Well-loved officer up here. Once they bring uh provincial console mark into the funeral location, we'll be looking for a coffee mate this live feed off We ask everybody to tune in to the live feed on uh. Provided by CTV northern, It's being provided on a pool feed to all media outlets if you're just tuning in. Uh it's also being live broadcast on the official Ontario Provincial Police Facebook we'll share with that link on our Sonia Association as well.

And it's also on and all the links are posted on the association uh social media channels. Some south west etobicoke escort starting in the distance. Those are waiting here uh It was uh. Quite interesting that as their uh Ontario Provincial Police Association Board of directors are on the ground uh assisting. I think we're gonna get going here with something that will have to wait.

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It looks like I can carry on with that story. Mark uh had a backhoe and he was known in the community to help people out with this and it was his pride and joy.

And Just uh a great example of what a community builder this man was he a south west etobicoke escort in this community up here in physical stature. Is a large man and uh he was very well respected up there. All of the towns of Manitou Island have pretty much shut down. When they're escorting uh Mark's body around town and they all come out with uh showing parts blue hearts or the or the theme up here you see them all over the island.

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See the hole there is coming up now. Something in the media sokth. Again, this is the vehicle. Clothings for funeral, you know some best place to watch. On CTV northern cool feed on that's provided the major media flex due to coveted precautions uh invite only inside.

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It's also on Vimeo and it's also on the Ontario provincial police associations. Facebook Ontario Provincial Police of Facebook official Facebook and that will be shared on the association's. We'll have a video of the procession to uh Mark's shemale escort sydney resting place from uh outside of theater where I'm on right now. Listen to the ceremony on a on a soutth and uh watch it on a big screen.

This is uh. This edcort the here.

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So fitting right in this video. From Manitou and secondary school in man, we're all in this together. And we will get through this together. May he rest in peace and my thoughts are with this very, my friends and colleagues.