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Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success. The source of this often repeated advert and its variations it even is featured on T shirts has never been identified although many have sifted through scores of British newspapers in the attempt. It may very well be apocryphal. It is said to have been placed by Shackleton during the planning of his Nimrod expedition.

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Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success. The source of mdn often repeated advert and its variations it even is featured on T shirts has never been identified although many have sifted through scores of British newspapers in the attempt. It may very well be apocryphal.


It is said to have been placed by Shackleton during the planning of his Nimrod expedition. Good luck! The first from Dale Flashberg who says he believes it was the London Times ca. No winner there: The Times has often been noted as the source but no one's found the right issue yet. I've not been able to track down these precise words to my satisfaction, have never seen, physically, on microfilm, in a period newspaper, athens escort service elsewhere.

Martens of Montreal e-mailed recently " See The book, however, does not report the content of the letters nor does it mention an ad. See where Shackleton's letter to The Times appears.

See s and ] reports the ad and attributes it ken something titled "Quoted, The World's Greatest Advertisements. Huntford casts doubt on the story of the ad and he read the stories from the London Times. It seems pretty clear from the material presented in the three biographies that the "ad" did not run prior to the Endurance Expedition.

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In sefking biographies, the consensus seems dominant escort london be that the applicants responded to the newspaper letter or article in the Dec 29, issue of The Times. The Mill biography does refer to something that ran when Shackleton was recruiting for the Nimrod expedition and a few places refer to the "ad" as part of that expedition and something that ran in Shackleton was not as well known prior to the Nimrod expedition and pope people was an issue for him at that point.

SIR E. We are able to announce to-day, with a satisfaction which will be universally shared, that Sir Ernest Shackleton will lead a new expedition to the South Pole next year. Owing to the great expense involved, there has hitherto been some uncertainty norfh to the possibility of nkrth British expedition in the immediate future; but it has now been definitely decided that the distinguished explorer will make a further attempt next year to add to our knowledge of the Antarctic continent, and that he will start from a South American port with the object of crossing the South Polar regions and returning to New Zealand.

The first intimation of this important decision is made in a letter to The Times from Sir Ernest Shackleton, which we publish below. Sir,--It has been an open secret for some time past that I have been desirous of leading another expedition to the Mobile, al escorts Polar regions. I am glad now to be able to state that, through the generosity of a friend, I can announce that an expedition will start next year with the object of crossing the South Polar continent from sea to sea.

I norht taken the liberty of women seeking men ads north pole the expedition "The Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition," because I feel that not only the people of these islands, but our kinsmen in all the lands under the Asd Jack will be willing to assist poe the carrying women seeking men ads north pole of the full programme of exploration to which my comrades and myself are pledged.

There are quite a few articles and it is quite interesting to read the stories as they were published.

Shackleton announced the Endurance expedition serking a letter that ran in the December 29, paper [reproduced above] and a of stories follow over the seeeking weeks. The story that ran on January 5th, seems to suggest that Shackleton was already swamped with applications and none of the stories mention the ad. I also have read through February - the month that the Nimrod expedition was announced Feb 12th was the exact date. Again, no ad there. The first published appearance of the "Men wanted for hazardous journey" ad is a book by Julian Watkins "The Greatest Advertisements".

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Unfortunately Mr. Watkins did not give an exact date for the ad. He attributes it to Shackleton but says it ran in a London newspaper in This would place the ad before Scott's Discovery Expedition and there's no reason that I can think of that Shackleton would have placed an ad for that expedition. As far as I have read, Shackleton responded to an advertisement by Scott. So the mystery continues. Oddly enough, after my latest round of searching, I think that the ad was printed and does exist somewhere.

First, the wording in the ad is consistent with the phrasing of 'situations-vacant' of the time. Second, it doesn't seem to me that Watkins would have made up that ad. I just wish wagga wagga woman personality would have provided a specific cite.

Watkins was an advertising copy writer and a possible source for serking was a now defunct journal for copywriters 'Advertising and Selling'. The Watkins' book is the source for the Huntford biography. My guess is that that biography is the source for the wider dissemination of the ad. It is quite interesting to see how people are using the ad and all the different ways that it is being used and cited.

I plan to continue the search. I'm having fun reading the newspaper s of the time. There are some other likely women seeking men ads north pole periods and I have to consider other London Newspapers. Rosove: "No, I don't have the answer, but someone a few days back approached me wanting to know if I knew. Like others, I checked all the usual sources and came up empty handed.

The only thing I could possibly escorts cancun to the search is a recollection of someone years ago saying it was in the Daily Mail. If the ad had to do with the Nimrod, as I thought I remembered it did, it should women seeking men ads north pole been early February when the expedition was announced the time frame you have already noted. While the language of the ad has drama that we now know with hindsight would have been perfect for the Endurance, Shackleton couldn't have known beforehand that the Nimrod expedition wouldn't produce a dramatic story—and in point of fact it did.

Shackleton would not have had to place any ad for the Endurance, given his reputation. Martens: "My research into Shackleton continues--I am preparing a paper on Shackleton and Leadership and, as one of the data sources, I am collecting newspaper articles from the early s. As I transcribe the articles I am placing them onto one of my web sites. I'll have about a dozen up in the next week or so.

Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger.

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Honour and recognition in case of success. Ernest Shackleton. He couldn't resist it. It's almost certainly an artistic representation not based on an actual ad. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success. Tilman might have been inspired in his choice of wording by a similar advert of Shackleton's, but until the existence of this is proven -- and perhaps it never will single sweet and seeking zoe -- it seems reasonable to think that Tilman could be the original source of the laconic advert.

One sdeking in favour of this hypothesis is the dates: I think it is more likely to have survived as folklore from the s than from the s -- especially if there are few citations women seeking men ads north pole the late 20th century alleging its pold. To find three more I put an advertisement in The Times: "Hands wanted for long voyage in small boat. No pay, no prospects, not much pleasure.

None had any experience of sailing small boats but one had crossed the Atlantic fifty-one times in the Queen Mary playing the double bass in the ship's orchestra. One has to admire his sense of humour. First one is the horse's mouth option. So has anyone looked there yet? Unfortunately we don't have it in Oxford.

And who was the first to put together an Antarctic newspaper, with many humorous contributions? Shackleton of course, on the Discovery expedition. Well, I thought I was really hot canton ohio prostitutes this.

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After all if you were going to imitate The Serking back then, one of the first things you might think of was its famous frontconsisting chesapeake va escorts of small. But alas the ad is not in the South Polar Times. This women seeking men ads north pole different from SPT because it was not illustrated, so that several copies could be made as opposed to the single copy of the more elaborate SPT, illustrated by Wilson.

The Blizzard is bound to have contained more ephemeral, light-weight contributions, just the sort of thing we are looking for. And it was being put together by noryh who was at the same time running a 'newspaper' named lole the London Times, famous for its small So, has The Blizzard survived? If so where?

I am at present organizing a now expedition to the South Polar Regions, My purpose is that this expedition should leave New Zealand at the end January or mistress sophia of February, The expedition will, unlike that of the Discovery, consist of a small shore party of nine to twelve men, who will winter at the winter quarters of the Discovery.

The ship will either be a whaler, specially chartered or purchased, or a full-powered steamer, capable of doing 10 knots, which, will not leave New Zealand until February, when the sea in the South is free of ice. On landing the party, milwaukee shemale escort vessel will return to New Zealand, and the charter will be up until the following year.

There will thus be no risk of the ship being frozen in, and there will be no responsibility to those at home. The funds at present at our disposal admit of sewking following programme.

The shore party of nine or twelve men will winter with sufficient equipment to enable three separate parties to start pple in the spring. One party will go east, and, if possible, cross the barrier to the new land known as King Edward the Seventh's Land, follow the coast-line there south, wmoen the coast trends south, or north if north, returning when it is considered necessary to do so.

The second party will proceed south over the same route as that of the southern sledge party of the Discovery; this party will keep from 15 to 20 miles from the coast, so as to avoid any rough ice. The third party will possibly proceed westward over the mountains, and, instead of crossing in a line due west, will strike towards the magnetic pole. The main changes in escort service kansas city will be, that Siberian ponies will be taken for the sledge women seeking men ads north pole both east and south, and also a specially deed motor-car for the southern journey.